Meet Area 51

Area 51 is the first music group signed to Fresh 2 Def Entertainment. Brothers Dope Keyz and Ryan Navarro “QD” together with Rahi formed the group known as Area 51 today. In the year 2007 they released their first Spanish titled single called “Seduceme”. Their second single “Solo en ti” was also a big hit. In March of 2007 the group scored another hit with their version of MIMS “This is why I’m Hot”. In that same year they were part of the pre-show of Don Omar’s concert in Curacao.

After their third single “Noche de Fantasias” came out, their name became known not only in Curacao but also in Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Miami, Peru and The Netherlands. This Spanish single was top 5 on all the urban radio stations in Curacao.

In January 2008, Area 51 released their first Papiamento single “Kas Kubo”(Home with you). It remained number the number one song for over four 4 weeks on the charts of 88.3 Rockkorsou radio station. In May of 2008, Area 51 released their 2nd single “Rib’e Luga”(On the place) which turned out to be a smash hit through Curacao due to its explosive content.

Area 51 performed live at mane urban parties on the island. Hereafter they produced more songs in their native language; Papiamentu. Their first album in Papiamentu was calles “E Formula Perfekto”, which refers to “The Perfect Formula The first Area 51 & Fresh 2 Def Entertainment album was released on October 27th in the year 2008. As they publicized their album at 92.1 Radio Direct Live, they received many visits by their fans. Fans got the chance to congratulate the group but also purchase the compact disk and entrance ticket to the album release party. Area 51 has won various awards including Premio Karabela Award, Best Urban Group, Best Album and Most Sold Album of the C-Urban Awards. In October 2009 Area 51 had lost one of their members Rahi, whom wanted to go solo.

Area 51 is currently working on their international debut with their album “Los Cientificos”. On this album they are working with Dope Keyz and Urban Legends and also a couple of other producers. Stay tuned for more!

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